Mayor Goodman Talks Homeless Ordinance, Upcoming Agenda and More

by admin

(KLAS | 8NewsNow) – Mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman, sat down with 8 News Now to talk about the homeless ordinance, upcoming agenda, New Year’s plans, and the biggest successes of 2019 on Monday’s “Monday Mornings with the Mayors.”

“I think what we are about is really trying to get the homeless people back into life. We want them back in society, back in homes, back in jobs,” Mayor Goodman said.

When asked about the new ordinance and how homeless people being put into jail would help get them off the streets, the mayor said most homeless wouldn’t be cited because she believes most do want the help.

“My hope is with the state and the county, we are going to really– here in Nevada– make a difference for the severely mentally ill. As far as the drug addicted, until they want to do something, it’s very difficult,” the mayor said.

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