Molasky: I Support Mayor Goodman’s Efforts to Re-Open Las Vegas

by admin

(Irwin A. Molasky) – For over 50 years I have had the privilege of building and shaping today’s Las Vegas.  Many of my projects withstood the test of time – Sunrise Hospital, Nathan Adelson Hospice, Bank of America Plaza, The Molasky Corporate Center and Paradise Palms exemplify my efforts.

I was saddened by the vitriol that was directed by some towards our Mayor Carolyn Goodman simply for stating her opinion.

Carolyn has been my friend for many years.  She has dedicated her life to making Las Vegas a wonderful city.  Now she calls upon us to open the closed businesses created by the shutdown.

I support her efforts to open Las Vegas so its citizens can regain their dignity and provide for their families and loved ones.  Please join me in championing our Mayor’s efforts in getting all Las Vegans back to work.

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