Goodman Addresses Four Key Issues at State of the City 2020

by admin

(Shakala Alvaranga | 8NewsNow) – It was a year ago Thursday night that Mayor Carolyn Goodman learned she had cancer. But, her focus is forward. She said she’s eager to take on the next four years.

Goodman addressed four key concerns in the 2020 State of the City.

Goodman says she plans to continue to fight against the transportation of radioactive nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain. She’s also urging state legislators to meet annually.

“So many parts of our entire nation have legislatures that meet every year and it really handicaps us tremendously,” she said.

Besides this, Goodman wants the legislature to increase its medicaid reimbursement rate for providers and she plans to work with representatives to help widen I-15 from Barstow to Stateline.

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