Criticism of Goodman Unfair

by admin

(Monterey Brookman | 4/30/20) – The headline on (Las Vegas Sun editor) Brian Greenspun’s April 26 column, “Mayor does not speak for Las Vegas,” may be the silliest ever written. Heck if she doesn’t.

Greenspun says Anderson Cooper was excellent. So a guy can constantly interrupt, sneer, talk over someone and act more like a late-night TV show host and still call himself a journalist?

Nothing is more essential in a democracy than civility, thoughtfulness, existential discourse with a caring, gracious attitude. Wisdom is gained by listening and hearing — we’ve got to find some middle ground in this disaster we’re facing. Cooper wasn’t looking for that.

Goodman is trying to save this city. She was elected to do that three times. Criticize if you will, but do so with some decorum. Neither Greenspun nor Gov. Steve Sisolak has answers either. We will never survive if we don’t pull together. Kindness is great for health and healing.

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