Carolyn Goodman: “America’s Mayor”

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(John Phillips | Orange County Register) – Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the shores of the United States of America, appointed and elected officials at virtually every layer of government have been competing to see who can come up with the most restrictive, counter-productive, freedom-infringing policies in the name of fighting the virus.

As soon as one of them figures out a new, creative way to take away more of our constitutional rights, they’re celebrated by the mainstream media as a visionary who is ahead of the curve.

If you dare to stand up for suffering businesses, taxpayers and homeowners, the media comes down on you like a ton of bricks.

There’s no better example of this than how differently Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman are treated.

Sin City Mayor Goodman, a political independent who campaigned for office while being treated for stage-two breast cancer, was reelected in April 2019 to a third and final term with an eye-popping 83.5 percent of the vote.

Representing a city that suffered greatly during the 2008 Great Recession, Mayor Goodman is eager to get her constituents back to work, so they can pay their rent, put food on the table and take care of their families.

In her state of the city address, Mayor Goodman called the closure of nonessential businesses in the city “total insanity.”

She also correctly pointed out, “It’s [the virus] not going to be going away this month, next month, and much like the flu and other viruses that have impacted populations around the world, this virus, or a derivative thereof, will be part of what we work through going forward.”

At the time of her speech, the state of Nevada — with a population of 3.2 million people — had lost a total of 128 people to COVID-19. The deaths, while tragic, represent less than a half of one percent of their total population.

I’ve been to Las Vegas and let me tell you, COVID-19 is way, way down the list of viruses you can catch there.

Also at that time, an estimated 900,000 people had lost their jobs.

Mayor Goodman has adamantly stated that when Las Vegas opens up, it will abide by strict cleanliness standards, respect social distancing and insist that people who are sick stay at home.

Seems pretty reasonable to me. …

We should all be so lucky to have a mayor like Carolyn Goodman — who has truly become “America’s Mayor.”

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