My Top 10 List of “Oscar-Nominated” Movies

by admin

(Carolyn Goodman) – Make no mistake.  We will reopen.  We will get our businesses back.  We will get our jobs back.  We will get our lives back.

The only question is when and how.

One of the first leisure activities we should begin enjoying ASAP is family movie night at the Westwind Drive-In theater in North Las Vegas.  The weather couldn’t be better.  And with everyone watching from their cars, it couldn’t be safer.

With that in mind, Mayor Oscar and I were talking about our favorite classic movies.  Here’s my Top 10 list of “Oscar-nominated” films I’d love to see again on the Big Screen if the Westwind could arrange it…

#10:     Bambi
#9:       National Velvet
#8:       Gone with the Wind
#7:       Twelve Angry Men
#6:       The King’s Speech
#5:       Erin Brockovich
#4:       Field of Dreams
#3:       E.T.
#2:       African Queen
#1:       Casino (of course!)

What’s your Top 10 list?  Drop me a line

See you at the movies!